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California Local’s Marketing, Sales and Digital Publications teams give you a variety of powerful ways to create messaging that delivers results. We help nonprofits, public agencies and businesses reach our community of members and visitors who have a proven interest in building better communities.

We want to help you tell your story.

Choose your story.

Your Community-Impact Story

While many people in your community are well aware of the significant good that your organization does, others are not. This story will provide an overview of what you are doing to help.

Your Origin Story

The beginning of any story can be the best part. What event inspired your organization to start doing good work?

Your Community Hero Story

Your group has had powerful and positive impacts on specific individuals. Their stories need to be told.

Your Success Story

The once-unhoused mom who just finished school; the
once-littered riverbank that is now a destination; the stray dog
that now has a happy home—these are happy endings
that need to be shared.

Your Team Story

The individuals within your organization who are doing the good work—each has a story to tell.

Choose your template.

Digital Magazine

California Local’s digital magazine solutions create a captivating reader experience that tells the story of the good work your organization does in your communities. Choose from templates that can be customized to match your brand’s colors.
Choose a template:

Digital Media Kit

California Local’s digital media kits are a collection of individual stories, photos and short videos that provide information about your company or organization to inform the communities you serve.
Choose a template:

Single Story

California Local’s writers, editors and artists can help you tell your story. We can tell the story of how and why your organization came to be, or highlight the good work you do in your community. We can profile a “local hero” at your company or organization who does great things in the community. And of course we can tell the story behind a product or service you provide to the public.

Digital Ads

California Local has many opportunities for you to promote your business or organization based on the county or counties in which you operate and/or attach your brand to a topic that aligns with your business’s mission.
Website Ads
Newsletter Ads

Digital Reports

Do you need to tell the story of your community impact, produce an annual report, our staff of professional writers and designers can guide you every step of the way.


California Local can create an email newsletter that you can send to your audience that informs them of the latest news, tips or updates about your products or services.


Become an underwriter for a topic of your choice. Your underwriting will help us tell the important stories that impact the community or communities of your choice.

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