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California Local produces community journalism for the digital age by creating a virtual world where people can discover more about their towns, cities and fellow citizens. Reliable news, community information, positive conversation—and voices of the community rarely heard elsewhere.


We are a forum for constructive dialog about both the physical places where our members and visitors live, and the communities of interest they create online. Our proprietary platform, NewsOS (patent-pending), creates a space optimized for civil discourse, with participation via discussions, information-sharing and surveys in place of unmoderated comments, which tend to generate more heat than light.



On California Local, our members can connect with their elected representatives, as well as local advocacy groups, charitable organizations and service clubs. Our directories provide points of contact along with relevant news and announcements. Without leaving California Local, visitors and members can  join, donate to, or volunteer with hundreds of groups. We work to enable community engagement and raise community  pride. Join the Conversation.

Communities of Interest

These days, folks also gather online around the topics and the issues they are passionate about. Because California Local tags its content with relevant topics, our site helps members and visitors find information about the issues they care about and connect them with like-minded people and groups.

Your organization is involved in building community.

If you help run a nonprofit whose mission explicitly involves a social good, or a company that contributes to your community through charitable giving and other initiatives, we care about the vital work you do. 

We can craft your message and deliver it online, and via targeted  newsletters, to members who already care about your good work.

We want to help you tell your story.

Your Community-Impact Story

While many people in your community are well aware of the  significant good that your organization does, others are not. This story will provide an overview of what you are doing to help.

Your Origin Story

The beginning of any story can be the best part. What event inspired your organization to start doing good work?

Your Community Hero Story

Your group has had powerful and positive impacts on specific individuals.
Their stories need to be told.

Your Success Story

The once-unhoused mom who just finished school; the once-littered riverbank that is now a destination; the stray dog that now has a happy home—these are happy endings that need to be shared.

Your Team Story

The individuals within your organization who are doing the good work—each has a story to tell.

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Be part of positive change.

California Local’s seasoned journalists deliver carefully edited news and information that cuts through rampant disinformation. Our moderated forums and discussions create a space for honest and civil discourse.

Our database puts people in touch with their elected representatives  and community leaders—we encourage not just talk but action.

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The eight counties and regions that California Local reaches are home to a well-educated and affluent population. Our content and marketing are targeted toward people who are actively engaged in their communities.

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